Photocopier Roller

Photocopier Roller

For nearly two decades, EMPICO Industries has been helping photocopier-roller supplier reduce failures and nearly eliminate problems with premature wear. Applying durable non-stick coatings to both the upper and lower rollers of a copy machine, can help eliminate the premature wear of a roller caused by paper-jamming, excessive heat, or damage caused by other copier malfunctions.

Also, toner may adhere to the surface of the roller, causing smeared or blackened copies. An EMPICO-applied non-stick coating can eliminate this toner problem, and virtually guarantee quality copies. If you are either an OEM or an after-market supplier of photocopier rollers, you too can benefit from a non-stick coating applied by EMPICO. Give us a call!

A supplier of replacement photocopier rollers came to EMPICO with a challenge: Poorly-coated OEM rollers were failing in the field. The coating on most of these rollers could not withstand the mechanical and thermal beating this part takes under normal use. As an after-market supplier, they were replacing those failed rollers with rollers coated with the same material. These rollers, of course, failed at the same rate. Their customers were begging for a better solution, and wanted to eliminated field-service calls made to replace rollers under warranty.

The biggest cause of failures was the deterioration of a copy machine’s thermistor. This failure exposes the roller surface to extreme heat, sometimes as high as 600 F, for long periods of time. Most coatings subjected  to such high temperature conditions will blister and peel. Once EMPICO identified the cause of failure, they needed to find a durable, temperature-resistance coating to do the job that the OEM-coating did not do.

Our many years of experience told us that a solution to this problem might be found in a successful discovery for another industry. Resistance to high temperatures and abrasion is also required in the cookware industry. Why not test a traditional cookware coating on photocopier roller?! The result was a success: photocopier failures were reduced from 10% to under 1%! The photocopier-roller supplier not only saved the existing business, but increased sales to office machine dealers. Those dealers, in turn, reported more satisfied customers. Everybody won with another EMPICO Industries Success Story.