Chemical And Pharmaceutical Processing

Chemical And Pharmaceutical Processing

Many of today’s pharmaceutical and biotechnology plants must be flexible to produce multiple products while meeting both traditional and growing needs for product purity, cleanability, durability and low maintenance costs.

To meet these demands, engineers are turning to piping, components and vessels coated with fluoropolymers; with unmatched chemical resistance, flouropolymers are compatible with just about any pharmaceutical or biochemical process. Traditional stainless steel and glass no longer deliver the best results.

Superior Purity:

Because flouropolymer coatings are non-reactive, there are no corrosion byproducts to contaminate processes. Coating such as Teflon is extremely pure, and it resists absorption of chemicals.

Easier Cleaning:

Teflon® provides smooth non-wetting hydrophobic surfaces that resist bio-film buildup, and it can be used with the strongest cleaning solutions and steam-in-place processes.

Maintenance Reduction Costs:

Unlike stainless steel, Teflon® never requires costly passivation or electropolishing and Teflon doesn’t crack like glass.